From November to February some of the world’s biggest mammals visit the coast outside Tromsø to feed on the Norwegian Herrings. The most common Whale species that migrating to Northern Norway are the Humpback Whales, Killer Whale known as Orcas, Harbour Porpoise and sometimes even the Fin Whale. You are Welcome to join us for a tour and take a close-up look at the feast.

Our catamaran M/S Aurora Explorer is docked beside Kystens Hus down at the seaside by the main square. For our Whale Watching tour, we leave the harbor at 9:00 in the morning. We ask you kindly to come aboard by 8:40.

Where we set our course depends where the Whales are, they migrate to Tromso area for one particular reason to feed on the migrating Norwegian Herring. It can take up to 2 hours sailing to find the Whale feeding grounds.

Please note that Whale sightings cannot be guaranteed, the Whales are wild animals and they migrate over great distances to find their feeding and resting grounds!

Once we reach the Whale sighting area we spend approx. 1h - 1h 30 observing the Whales. Traveling on our catamaran is comfortable our indoor lounge area is warm, provides a seat for everyone, our panoramic windows provide a good view of the surrounding landscape. Biscuits & Hot Beverages are available for self-service. We have a kiosk on board where you can purchase something to eat. While on the way, our guide will share stories about the landscape we pass by and provide you with necessary information about the Whales you might see.

Our front, back, and upper outdoor deck give enough space for you to walk around and spot the Whales from any direction. Our experienced guides and captains will get the most out of the Whale Watching tour for you! You get to stay on board with us for the whole trip, you only set foot on land again when back in the harbor of Tromsø (around 15:00).

Pick Up

Kystens Hus at Tromsø harbour

Departure - Return

09:00 - approx 15:00

Journey to Location

2h to Whale sighting area

Duration of Experience

Approx 1h Whale Watching


English-Speaking Guide, Winter Overall Suit, Biscuits & Hot Beverages


Adult 1400 NOK / Child (4-12) 700 NOK


Whale sighting is Not Guaranteed


26th of October – 31th of January


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